Cookie Monster

I couldn’t tell you when Girl Scout season starts, but for me it is typically flagged by some child in a green vest looking at me with sad eyes on my way out of the grocery store when I’ve already spent more money than I anticipated on things like cheese and wine.  Whoever came up … More Cookie Monster

Hit and Run

I was very un-Seattle with my bright pink umbrella on full display as I was walking to meet a friend for dinner.  It was pouring down raining, and I have no shame in my umbrella and am even proud of how much it stands out.  A true Seattle-ite toughs out the rain and might throw … More Hit and Run

BYOTP–Cuba Part 2

We drove down the dusty Havana back roads and arrived at our casa particular.  It’s basically a home stay situation where you occupy a room in the residence of a local Cuban rather than a hotel.  It’s cheaper, it’s more authentic, and I felt good supporting local people rather than a hotel. Our host, Gerardo, … More BYOTP–Cuba Part 2

Spilling My Cookies

It hit me yesterday morning when I woke up in a cold sweat at 2am that I was going to Cuba in 3 days and wanted to spill my cookies immediately. This happens before every trip I take.  I tend to freak out and convince myself I’ve made a huge mistake every single time I … More Spilling My Cookies

Gold Dust Woman

My first concert was the Fleetwood Mac reunion tour when I was 7.  My parents and aunt and uncle drove with my 9 year old brother and I in the back seat of a Volvo, stuck in traffic while people blared their favorite songs through the radio and strangers approached our car and tried to … More Gold Dust Woman